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Fidelis Care Member Services will be closed this Friday, April 18 and Saturday, April 19.
If you need immediate assistance, please wait on the line for our after hours answering service.

We will resume extended hours on Monday, April 21:

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2014 Products

Fidelis Medicare Advantage Flex

A low-cost product that offers a $500 flex benefit to help pay for health-related items, a $0 copay for in-network primary care provider (PCP) and specialist visits, preventive dental care, and limited out-of-network benefits. Low copays for health care providers who accept Medicare. Click here for more information on Fidelis Medicare Advantage Flex

Fidelis Medicare Advantage Without Rx
Designed for people who already have Prescription Drug (Rx) coverage, or who do not want to purchase that coverage. Visit any doctor who accepts Medicare and pay less if you go to doctors who are in the Fidelis Care network. This product has no monthly premium. Click here for more information on Fidelis Medicare Advantage without Rx

Fidelis Medicare Advantage $0 Premium
No monthly premium and no prescription drug deductible are key features of this product, that also has a $100 flexible reimbursement account, preventive dental, and low copays.  You must see a doctor or go to a hospital that is in the Fidelis Care network. Services provided to you by doctors and hospitals (except in emergencies) that are not contracted with Fidelis Care are not covered. Click here for more information on Fidelis Medicare $0 Premium

Fidelis Dual Advantage Flex
For those who qualify for both Medicare and partial or full Medicaid coverage, our Dual Advantage Flex program combines and simplifies these two products into one.  Low monthly premium, transportation services, a $1000 flexible reimbursement account, a $125 over -the-counter (OTC) benefit card, full prescription drug coverage, and  very low copays or coinsurance if eligible for partial Medicaid are included with this product.  Click here for more information on Fidelis Dual Advantage Flex

Fidelis Dual Advantage
For those who qualify for both Medicare and full Medicaid coverage, this product offers comprehensive medical coverage, preventive dental, no copays (except some small prescription drug copays in some cases), and a $25/month over-the-counter (OTC) card. Click here for more information on Fidelis Dual Advantage

Fidelis Medicaid Advantage Plus
Fidelis Care Medicaid Advantage Plus (HMO) is an integrated Managed Long Term Care product for individuals who have or qualify for Fidelis Care Medicare Dual Advantage and receive an eligible score on a personal medical assessment (SAAM) conducted by a Fidelis Care nurse reviewer in their home. Members are assigned a designated nurse care manager and receive individual attention and care planning to help them remain in their own homes. Covered services include primary care physician office visits, inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and much more. Click here for more information on Medicaid Advantage Plus

Fidelis Long Term Care Advantage
Fidelis Long Term Care Advantage is for those who are confined to a nursing home for a period of at least 90 days. Special eligibility rules apply. Contact Fidelis Care for details. Click here for more information on Fidelis Long Term Care Advantage

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