8/8/2016 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in Aging, Eye Care, Health & Wellness, Hospital and Doctor Visits
Getting regular vision checkups helps detect eye diseases before they can permanently affect your vision. In the years after you turn 60, it's important to talk to your doctor about:
8/8/2016 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in #watchusgrow, Child Health, Health & Wellness
Well child visits at 9 and 12 months are the best way to track your baby’s growth and development as they approach early childhood (Source: American Academy of Pediatrics). These visits also provide an opportunity to address any concerns you may have. If you haven’t already scheduled these visits, call your baby’s doctor today. Remember, you and your baby need to stay healthy and we’re here to help every step of the way. ‪#‎watchusgrow‬
7/29/2016 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in For Members, Health & Wellness, Physical Fitness
When we think of summer, we think of fun activities like baseball in the park, climbing trees, running, and pick-up basketball games. Unfortunately, it’s this type of fun that often causes joint sprains and strains, and contributes to the standard spike in ER visits during the summer months. If you or a loved one is injured, call your primary care provider. Then, answer the following questions so you and your PCP can determine what level of care you need.
7/28/2016 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in For Members, Health & Wellness
Haven’t yet scheduled an appointment with your primary care provider (PCP) this year? Now is the perfect time. If you haven’t yet chosen a PCP, or haven’t gone back to see one in more than a year, here are some reasons why you should:
7/19/2016 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in Fidelis Care Careers, News Release
Fidelis Care’s mission to provide quality, affordable health care to people of all ages informs everything we do. Our Be the Mission initiative recognizes employees who embody our mission's ideals and make a difference in our members' lives. Congratulations to Steven Goodyear, one of our Community Relations Specialists, for truly living our mission every day.
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