Fidelis Care offers a variety of New York State-sponsored health insurance programs for children and adults of all ages and all stages of life. We can help you choose the coverage that's right for you and your family. 

Quality, affordable coverage from Fidelis Care:

  • Products available through NY State of Health: The Official Health Plan Marketplace
  • Medicare Advantage and Dual Advantage products through Fidelis Care offer enhanced benefits for those who are eligible for Medicare because of age or disability, or who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid based on age, disability, and income.
  • Fidelis Care at Home is a managed long term care (MLTC) product for people who need long-term care services and have or are eligible for New York State Medicaid. 
  • HealthierLife is Fidelis Care's Health and Recovery Plan (HARP), a new kind of plan that provides people who are eligible for Medicaid and who have specific behavioral health needs with an enhanced benefit package so that they can receive all of their physical health, behavioral health, and other supportive services from one integrated plan. 
 Fidelis Affordable Care Advisor

The Fidelis Affordable Care Advisor is an online calculator that can help you plan for and estimate the costs of new insurance options offered through NY State of Health, as well as find out if you may qualify for Child Health Plus, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, or Dual Advantage. By entering a zip code, date of birth, number of family members, and household income, the Fidelis Affordable Care Advisor presents insurance options at prices that include subsidies or tax credits, if they apply. It also allows users to schedule an appointment with a representative who can assist with enrollment. 

Click the button below to access the Fidelis Affordable Care Advisor:

Care From Doctors You Know and Trust

Fidelis Care is a Statewide health plan with thousands of participating doctors and hospitals in our growing network. Coverage includes the benefits and services that mean the most to you, like: regular checkups with your doctor, preventive care and screenings, prenatal care, well-child visits, immunizations, lab tests, x-rays, hospitalization, emergency care, and more.

Fidelis Care also helps members manage chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. We work with you and your provider as part of your health care team.