Electronic Data Trading Form

You can request access to Fidelis Care's electronic file transfer system in order to trade data with Fidelis Care. In order to comply with the HIPAA Security rule and ensure the security of our member data, certain requirements must be met, including unique user identification and the use of encryption when transferring protected health information. Additionally, use of Fidelis Care systems is dependent on current and up to date technologies. Use the options below to submit a request to create, update, or remove access.

Has Your Account Been Deactivated?

In order to keep your data secure, it is the responsibility of each provider to inform Fidelis Care if users with access are no longer authorized, contracted with or employed by the provider. Additionally accounts that are inactive for 180 days or more will be expired.

If you previously had an account that has since been deactivated and, it is still needed and, valid please contact Fidelis Care's Provider Call Center at 1-888-FIDELIS to have the account reactivated and password reset.

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