Поставщик услуг

Войдите в свою учетную запись, загрузите формы, просмотрите таблицы требований, и многое другое.

Поставщики услуг

Поставщики услуг
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Fidelis Care serves more than 1.7 million children and adults of all ages, making us one of the largest health insurance plans in New York State. We were founded on the belief that all New Yorkers should have access to quality, affordable health insurance, and our mission to help others informs everything that we do. 

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Недавний опрос, проведенный Центрами по контролю и профилактике заболеваний (CDC), показал, что примерно 44% респондентов сообщили о том, что они откладывают или не получают лечение по разным причинам, включая опасения и проблемы, связанные с COVID-19.
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You have the best interest of your patients at heart. More than that, you have their trust. Your recommendation is the most effective way to ensure they get their flu shot.   When talking with your patients: Make a strong recommendation to your patients to get their flu shot. Research shows that patients are more likely to get a flu shot if their doctor recommends it. You can use the SHARE method to provide information: •           SHARE reasons to get the flu shot based on their age or other risk factors. •           HIGHLIGHT positive experiences with the flu shot to reinforce benefits. •           ADDRESS concerns about the
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Для многих жителей Нью-Йорка потеря работы представляет собой проблему не только из-за дохода или обеспечения семьи.

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