Monday • Posted by Fidelis Care
Fidelis Care worked with over 1,700 organizations and coordinated more than 3,500 events – all a reflection of the company’s mission to transform communities, one person at a time.
Last Week • Posted by Fidelis Care
Nearly 14,000 vouchers, worth about $200,000, are being distributed to more than 850 agencies, schools, and organizations that partner with Fidelis Care statewide.
10/25/2022 • Posted by Fidelis Care
National Pharmacy Week, which took place from October 16-22, is an annual observance that acknowledges the invaluable contributions that Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians make to patient care in traditional pharmacy settings.
9/26/2022 • Posted by Fidelis Care
In response to the polio state disaster emergency, Fidelis Care urges our unvaccinated members to get immunized to protect yourself from this serious disease.
9/15/2022 • Posted by Fidelis Care
As children head back to school, there is one thing parents and caregivers should not overlook: routine vaccinations against serious infections such as measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, and hepatitis to name a few.
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