Last Week • Posted by Fidelis Care
New York State is warning people about new scams that target individuals with Medicaid Managed Care, Essential Plan, HARP, or Child Health Plus health insurance.
4/6/2023 • Posted by Fidelis Care
Fidelis Care announced today it will begin an extensive educational outreach and awareness campaign to more than 2 million members across all 62 counties in New York State who will need to renew their health coverage for the first time in three years.
3/6/2023 • Posted by Fidelis Care
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cavities are one of the most common chronic diseases during childhood and can be harmful to children’s overall health.
1/23/2023 • Posted by Fidelis Care
Fidelis Care worked with over 1,700 organizations and coordinated more than 3,500 events – all a reflection of the company’s mission to transform communities, one person at a time.
1/21/2023 • Posted by Fidelis Care
Nearly 14,000 vouchers, worth about $200,000, are being distributed to more than 850 agencies, schools, and organizations that partner with Fidelis Care statewide.
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