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Fidelis Care serves more than 1.7 million children and adults of all ages, making us one of the largest health insurance plans in New York State. We were founded on the belief that all New Yorkers should have access to quality, affordable health insurance, and our mission to help others informs everything that we do. 

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Family Planning Coverage for 2019
1/9/2019 • Posted by Fidelis Care in Brokers

Previously, these services were provided to members by Medicaid Fee for Service or other third-party vendors. These health services include:

  • Birth-control drugs and devices, including, IUDs, diaphragms, and other kinds of
  • birth control
  • Emergency contraception
  • Sterilization for men and women
  • Pregnancy testing
  • An abortion that the member and the provider agree is needed
  • HIV and sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, treatment, and counseling
  • Screenings for cancer and other related problems

All the costs for these services are covered. Providers or pharmacies cannot bill members for these services. No referral form is needed, and members can keep their current doctor and pharmacy.

For more details by product, visit fideliscare.org/Member/Family-Planning.

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