Harry F. Abate Elementary School and Fidelis Care Celebrate National No One Eats Alone Day
2/15/2019 • Posted by Fidelis Care

Niagara Falls, NY (February 15, 2019) – Harry F. Abate Elementary School and Gaskill Preparatory School were among the more than 2,250 schools across the country that celebrated National No One Eats Alone Day on February 15. The initiative, designed to promote inclusion and acceptance in middle schools, reached more than 1 million students in all 50 states.

“Social isolation is unfortunately a common scene in many schools across the country and it even affects many of our students in Niagara Falls, said Mark Laurrie, Superintendent Niagara Falls City School District. “We believe that with the right tools, our students in Niagara Falls can learn to stand up for others as caring classmates and not passive bystanders.”


Representatives from Fidelis Care, Niagara Falls City School District faculty, and student leaders hosted an assembly in honor of National No One Eats Alone® Day, created by the non-profit Beyond Differences™. Students participated in 5 workshops designed to teach them about social isolation and the negative impact it can have on a student’s health and academic performance. Throughout the day, students learned how to identify social isolation and appropriate actions that can help others feel included. They used these new tools at lunch by choosing to sit with someone they didn’t know and finding ways to include someone who may have felt left out. They were given ice breaker topics and were encouraged to discuss shared interests.


“Social isolation is a preventable public health problem,” said Laura Talmus, co-founder and executive director of Beyond Differences. “We’ve learned through teachers and families that No One Eats Alone Day is a powerful step and positive initiative that can change the culture in schools to be a more welcoming place for all.”


“Fidelis Care is proud to work with the Niagara Falls City School District to foster a culture where all students feel accepted and valued,” said Pam Hassen, Fidelis Care Chief Member Engagement Officer. “Facilitating better health for children and their families is our top priority, and together we can create positive, lasting change.” 


No One Eats Alone Day is sponsored by the Centene Charitable Foundation. 


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