Fidelis Care Welcomes Community to Join Virtual 5K to Support Covenant House
9/22/2020 • Posted by Fidelis Care


Fidelis Care and the New York Knicks are hosting a virtual 5K race to raise money for Covenant House’s COVID-19 Relief Effort. Covenant House provides services to youth experiencing homelessness in New York City. Funds will support programs to deliver services in a virtual, safe, and socially distanced way.

Fidelis Care encourages Members to join the virtual 5K. It is free and easy. Here is how the virtual 5K works:

  1. Sign-up for the fundraiser at
  2. Share the page and ask people to donate — use #NYVIRTUAL5K on social media
  3. Run 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) — on a treadmill, or outdoors in a socially distanced way —— any time October 2 - 4
  4. Win prizes for raising funds

Learn more at

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