Fidelis Care Offers Tips for Families to Limit Screen Time and Become More Physically Active this Spring Break Season
4/14/2022 • Posted by Fidelis Care


Long Island City, NY [April 14, 2022] – As parents and caregivers, limiting screen time and use of electronic devices can be a struggle.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently updated and published new guidelines for families advising that children younger than 24 months should have zero screen time other than for supervised video chatting. With the arrival of this spring break season, Fidelis Care wants to help families reduce their child’s screen time and electronic device usage by spending time as a family and engaging in greater physical activity outdoors.

“Spring is the perfect time to break out of the winter rut and go outdoors. Staying active is one of the keys to children’s health and wellness,” said Lisa Moreno, Fidelis Care Medical Director and Pediatrician. “From walking the dog to running at the park, having play time each day helps children be healthy and form good habits for the future.”

Dr. Moreno offers the following tips for limiting screen time and increasing outdoor physical activity:

  • Make outdoor play fun --

Children are more likely to be active if they are doing something they enjoy. Parents can help children find a sport or activity they like and encourage outdoor play.

  • Set a good example --

Children often follow the lead of their parents and family members. When we choose to be active, we’re setting a good example.

  • Plan ahead --

Block out chunks of time during this spring break for outdoor play and exploration. Take advantage of the warmer weather and explore a new park or easy trail for a nature walk.

  • Join In --

Your child may be off from school for spring break but you may not have off from work. Even with busy schedules, it’s important for parents to set aside some special time to play together — from soccer and dancing, to taking a walk in your neighborhood.

Keeping screen time in check can help children grow up healthy and strong. Dr. Moreno recommends every child be physically active for at least one hour per day. If you are seeking additional guidance for screen time limits and a child’s development, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics website at


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