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5/10/2020 • Posted by Provider Relations
WellCare New York members enrolled in Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and Essential Plans products* will transition to and become Fidelis Care members effective June 1, 2020.
5/7/2020 • Posted by Provider Relations
For members enrolled in a WellCare Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Managed Long Term Care, or an Essential Plan product, prior Authorizations issued by WellCare for dates of service on or after 6/1/2020, will transfer with the member’s eligibility, effective 6/1/2020, to Fidelis Care.
4/13/2020 • Posted by Provider Relations
Pharmacy Medication Guidance •90-day Supplies: •Medicaid covers a 90-day supply for most prescription and over the counter (OTC) maintenance medications Please note, prior authorization may be required for 90-day supplies of some medications.
4/1/2020 • Posted by Provider Relations
COVID-19 UPDATE: Please refer to this link: Important Updates Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19, for authorization and coding guidelines related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The following sections of the Fidelis Care authorization grids have been updated effective May 1, 2020.
3/25/2020 • Posted by Provider Portal
Fidelis Care is pleased to inform you that the medical record second request letter and details for 2020 HEDIS/QARR have been posted on our Provider Portal, Provider Access Online (PAO). Please review these materials and send the requested documentation to Fidelis Care as soon as possible.
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