This Is What We're Made Of: The Care and Compassion of Rodney Hillocks


Rodney Hillocks, Health Benefit Representative at Fidelis Care, works each day to help members access quality, affordable health coverage. When the unexpected happens, staff members like Rodney are just a phone call away.

“I was in need of new affordable insurance, and my friends referred me to Rodney. Since day one, Rodney has been great with helping me with everything I needed. I asked for a change in coverage for my children, and he did everything right away with no problems. Everything went smoothly, and we were able to start feeling better about going to the doctor. Thanks to Rodney, we were much less stressed. We got to keep our doctors, and we have great coverage.


When our income changed due to job loss, I contacted Rodney again, and he was able to let me know about health coverage options that would help us save money and keep us covered. What a life saver. Every bit of savings counts.


Rodney has been a huge help for me and my family, and I am so grateful. Thank you Rodney!”


-Jackie Block-Rodriguez,
Fidelis Care member


Fidelis Care is committed to member satisfaction and excellence in customer service. If you have questions about your health coverage, or want to know if you qualify for health insurance options that could help you save money due to a recent change in income, call us at 1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547).