5 Ways Quality Time Can Improve Your Health This Summer

The warm, sunny days of summer offer welcomed chances to spend quality time with loved ones. Studies show that making regular time for family members and close friends offers lasting health benefits, and can even prolong your life. The bonds formed with loved ones lower stress, stave off depression, inspire better eating habits, and can even help you quit smoking. Quality time with your kids is especially beneficial, as it promotes good emotional health and development, and discourages risky behaviors such as drug use.


There’s no need for a summer vacation to fit in quality time. Even as little as one hour per day of undivided attention, free of smartphones and video games, can make all the difference. Here are some ideas for spending quality time:


Go for a walk. Whether it’s once around the block, or a day hike in the woods, going for a walk with a child or loved one offers the perfect opportunity to connect.


Eat a meal together. Put time in your schedule for a consistent family meal time. It gives you the chance to teach children about healthy eating and cooking basics.


Organize a “sports day.” If your friends love a particular sport, or your child is looking to learn something new, set aside some time at the local park to play basketball, have a catch, or kick around the soccer ball. You’ll have fun, and get some healthy exercise!


Make the most of quiet time indoors. When the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activity, it can be tempting to just park in front of a TV or mobile device. Instead, listen to music, work on a puzzle, or play a board game together.


Celebrate life’s small victories.  We are all striving for something, whether it’s a fitness milestone, completing a project, or simply having a great day at school or summer camp. Acknowledging your loved one’s accomplishment with a thoughtful gesture will do wonders for their mental wellness.


Fidelis Care wishes you a safe, happy, and healthy summer with the ones you love!



Let’s Get ‘Every Child Covered’


This summer, Fidelis Care invites you to join us in helping every child in New York State get the health coverage they need. Our representatives will attend hundreds of events throughout the summer to answer questions, share information, and make it as easy as possible for parents to get quality health insurance for their children. 


Visit for a complete listing of Statewide Every Child Covered events, or call 1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547) to learn more about Child Health Plus.