6 Ways to Get Kids to Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a much-needed layer of protection against sunburn, skin cancer, and other damage from the sun’s rays. That’s why it’s so important for every member of the family to apply sunscreen before outdoor summer activities, then reapply every two hours.

If  you’re having trouble getting the kids on board, here are a few creative strategies to make sunscreen application more enjoyable:

Beat the clock. Set an egg timer or use the stopwatch on your smartphone, and challenge your kids to see who can get their sunscreen on before the timer goes off.

Let the kids put sunscreen on you. They will feel like they’re helping you, and will be more likely to let you return the favor.

Create a “sunscreen train.” This works great for households with multiple kids. Line them up and designate a “track” for the “train,” making sure kids loop around and make a “stop” at mom or dad to get sunscreen applied. When finished, the train goes out the door, ready for summer fun!

Play “connect the dots.” Apply small dollops of sunscreen on exposed skin, then ask your kids to spread the sunscreen to connect the dots.

Use glitter! There are many sunscreens available for kids that include bright colors and leave a shimmery glitter on the skin. Or, you can add glitter to your favorite sunscreen as an easy do-it-yourself hack.

Offer extra pool or beach time. Reward the kids with extra time in the water if they put on sunscreen without a fuss.

In addition, try applying sunscreen before going outdoors instead of right before outdoor activities begin, when kids are less likely to want to stand still. It will also help to set a good example by applying sunscreen on yourself and older children first. Plus, you can strategically use outdoor snack or water breaks to sneak in sunscreen reapplication.

Fidelis Care wishes you a safe and healthy summer, with plenty of sun protection!

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