Brush Up on Dental Care - Foods for Healthy Teeth
2/12/2018 • Posted by Fidelis Care

Bright, healthy smiles start when a child is young, and teaching good dental habits to your children will benefit them for their entire lives. Good dental habits go hand in hand with good eating habits.

Healthy foods that are low in sugar and rich in vitamins help prevent tooth decay in young children. Follow these snacking tips for a healthier smile:

Avoid sugar at bedtime. Don’t give toddlers juice or sugary liquids in bottles or sippy cups at bedtime. Sugars can stay on the teeth overnight and cause decay. Water is the only liquid that should be given at or before bedtime.

Keep snacks fresh, crunchy and high in protein. Choose “teeth-friendly” snacks such as cheese, raw vegetables, plain yogurt and fruit. Avoid sugary snacks. Choose foods rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and D.

Avoid tooth-damaging soda. If children do drink soda, have them use a straw to avoid contact with teeth. Be sure that they rinse with water afterward to wash away any sugar that can produce acid.

Avoid frequent snacking or sipping. When you steadily snack or sip sodas, bacteria produce more acids that attack your teeth and wear them down.

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Health Coverage and Children’s Dental Care

Children who have health coverage are more likely to see a dentist regularly. If you or your child needs health insurance, we are here to help.