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Key Diabetes Screenings
11/26/2018 • Posted by Fidelis Care in Health and Wellness

blood sugar monitorIf you have diabetes, keeping your blood sugar under control is a key to good health. But did you know you need more than just a blood sugar test? Other tests include:

A1C Blood Sugar Test

This test measures how well your diabetes is being managed. The goal is to achieve an A1C test result of below 9 percent. You should receive this test at least twice each year. 

Blood Pressure Check

Diabetes paired with high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke or heart disease -- so it's ideal to have your blood pressure checked at least once per year. Your blood pressure should be below 140/90 mmHg.

Dilated Eye Exam

Diabetes can damage blood vessels in the eye, leading to vision loss. Get this test at least once per year to make sure the blood vessels in your eyes are healthy. 

Urine test, paired with a creatinine blood test

Diabetes can damage blood vessels in the kidneys, leading to kidney disease. Get this test at least once per year to make sure you have  a creatinine clearance level above 90. 

Cholesterol blood test

Diabetes can increase “bad” cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease. Have your blood cholesterol levels checked at least once per year to make sure your LDL is below 70 mg/dl, your HDL is above 60 mg/dl, and your tryglicerides are below 150 mg/dl. 

Depending on your results, your primary care provider (PCP) may want you to have more tests. For high blood pressure, your PCP may prescribe RAS antagonists; for high cholesterol, your PCP may prescribe statins.

Taking your medications as prescribed and having a healthy lifestyle can help you manage your diabetes. During your next wellness visit, remember to ask your PCP for advice about how to exercise and eat healthy.

Did you know? For members ages 18-75 who have diabetes type 1 or 2, Fidelis Care offers a wellness incentive once a year for having an A1C blood sugar test.


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