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Fitness Reimbursement

Fidelis Care is proud to offer members in our Metal-Level and Essential Plans a fitness reimbursement program. Learn more about how you can save money while taking care of your health:

Who can participate?
Who can participate?

You and your spouse are eligible if:

  • You are both enrolled in a Fidelis Care Metal-Level Product (Qualified Health Plan) or Essential Plan. 
  • Active members of a qualifying fitness center (see below for what type of facility qualifies) 
  • You complete 50 visits during six consecutive months of your coverage (approximately 8 visits per month or 2 visits per week).

What types of fitness centers qualify?
Choose a gym that maintains equipment and offers programs that promote cardiovascular health. Memberships in sports clubs, country clubs, weight loss clinics, spas, or other similar facilities are not eligible.

Multi-facility subscription services such as ClassPass also qualify as long as their facilities can be verified online. 

A fitness center must have at least two pieces of equipment or programs from the following list:
  • Elliptical cross-trainer
  • Group exercise
  • Pool
  • Rowing machine
  • Squash/tennis racquetball courts
  • Stationary bike
  • Step machine/climber
  • Treadmill
  • Walking/running group
  • Yoga

Contact a Fidelis Care Representative to learn more!

How much can I be reimbursed?
Your family can be reimbursed up to $600. Here are the specifics:
You can be reimbursed:
  • Up to $200 for 50 visits in a six-month period, and
  • up to an additional $200 for 50 visits in a second six-month period, for a total of up to $400 for the entire plan year.
Your spouse can be reimbursed:
  • Up to $100 for 50 visits in a six-month period, and 
  • up to an additional $100 for 50 visits in a second six-month period, for a total of up to $200 for the entire plan year.

Note: Reimbursement will not be issued until six months have passed, even if 50 visits have been completed sooner, do not submit your form until after the end of the 6 month period. The reimbursement only applies to visits made during the effective dates of your coverage. Lifetime membership fees are not eligible for reimbursement.  Only one visit per calendar day will count towards your 50 visits.

To apply for reimbursement:

  1. Pick a qualifying fitness center, and visit at least 50 times during a period of six consecutive months.
  2. Complete the Fitness Reimbursement Form (PDF).
  3. Attach the following items:
    1. A copy of your current membership bill. It must show the amount you paid for membership.
    2. A copy of a receipt or documentation that shows you paid for your membership. This could include a credit card statement, payroll deduction, or automatic bank withdrawal. Receipts with price only are not valid. Please cross out any personal account identification information not relevant to your reimbursement.
    3. Proof of your 50 visits, all within your coverage period. This could include: a computer print out of your visits, receipts that show individual visits to the gym, or verification from your employer that indicates your use of the employer’s gym.  Only one visit per calendar day will count towards your 50 visits.

4. Email all documents to:, fax to 347-923-7513, or submit by mail to:

Fidelis Marketplace
Attn: Gym Reimbursement
PO Box 10600

Farmington, MO 63640-5002

Fidelis Care cannot issue a reimbursement if valid documentation is not submitted within 120 days from the end of the six-month period.

Print your name and member ID number on each receipt in case they are separated from the form.



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