Health Savings Account for Bronze HSA Members

What is an HSA?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) offers an easy way to save and pay for approved healthcare costs. It’s a savings account that you contribute to during the year, like a retirement account.

Then, you can use it to pay for many health-related costs, such as pharmacy copays and doctor office visits. Plus, you don’t have to pay federal taxes as you add money to an HSA or when you use it for approved healthcare costs.






How do I set up an HSA?

1) Follow the link to Fidelity's website.

2) Select 'Open an HSA' in the upper right-hand corner

3) Enter the necessary information, including your Fidelis Care Member ID, in Fidelity's secure portal (if not already a member) and your account will be activated!






HSA Frequently Asked Questions

Information regarding FAQs from Fidelity

Is an HSA right for me?

If you're covered by the Fidelis Care HSA-Compatible Bronze Plan, an HSA can offer a variety of benefits. It's tax-advantaged in 3 ways: contributing, spending for qualified medical expenses, and investment growth are all federal income tax-free. You can also invest your HSA money for potential long-term growth, so HSAs are a great way to save for health care costs through retirement.

What are the tax benefits for HSAs?
HSAs are tax-advantaged in three ways:


  1. Personal HSA contributions using after-tax money may be federal income tax-deductible. If you have an HSA through your employer, you can make pretax payroll contributions—this type of contribution saves more on taxes than tax-deductible after-tax contributions.

  3. Spending your HSA money on qualified medical expenses is free of federal income taxes

  5. if you invest some or all of your HSA money, any growth is also tax-free.
Are there income limits affecting my eligibility?
There are no income restrictions limits, and everyone is is eligible. 

Can my spouse and my dependents use my HSA?
Yes. You, your spouse, and your eligible dependents can all use your HSA money to pay for qualified medical expenses as long as everyone meets eligibility requirements and you, the account owner, have authorized each of them by requesting an additional HSA debit card in their name.
What is the minimum balance to open a Fidelity HSA?
There is no minimum balance to open a Fidelity HSA.
What expenses are covered by an HSA?

Your HSA funds can be used for qualified medical expenses. Qualified medical expenses are determined by the IRS and include: medical care, prescription drugs, and payment for long term care.

Some expenses include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Ambulance costs
  • Artificial limbs
  • Artificial teeth
  • Bandages
  • Contact lenses
  • Crutches
  • Doctor visits
  • Some dental expenses
  • Vision care (eyeglasses, contacts, Lasik surgery)
  • Hearing aids
  • Lab fees
  • Prescriptions
  • X-rays
Generally, health insurance premiums are not qualified medical expenses however, in certain circumstances they can be qualified. Click the link below for the Summary of Benefits overview for Fidelis Care's Bronze HSA.

Bronze HSA (PDF)