Cancer Screening

Regular preventive screenings can help detect cancer at its earliest stages, giving patients the best chance for successful treatment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends regular screenings for:

Breast Cancer

It is recommended for women 50-74 years old to have X-ray exams of the breast, called mammograms, every two years. Women ages 40-49 should speak with their doctors about whether to have a mammogram.

Cervical Cancer

It is recommended for women ages 21-65 to have one Pap test every 3 years. Starting at age 30, women can instead choose to have a screening every 5 years if they have a Pap test and an HPV test together.

Colorectal Cancer

Regular screenings are recommended for everyone ages 45-75. Ask your doctor which type of colorectal cancer screening is right for you. Depending on many risk factors, including family health history and lifestyle, your doctor may recommend more frequent or extra cancer screenings. Speak with your doctor about which screenings are right for you.

Lung Cancer

Yearly screenings with low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) are recommended for adults ages 50-80 who smoke 20 packs/year, or who quit smoking within the past 15 years.

Cancer Screening Resources

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute: Mammograms

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