When kids are being kids, we all feel better.   

Premiums as low as $0 or $9 per month, based on family income. 



Who can apply?
Almost every child in New York State is eligible, regardless of family income or immigration status. Only the monthly premiums vary based on income, and can be free or as low as $9 per monthThere are no copays or deductibles. 
When can I enroll my child?
At any time.  Child Health Plus enrollment is year-round.
What are the benefits?
In addition to routine and preventive care, benefits include diagnostic testing, treatments, and emergency services. Child Health Plus covers prescription or non-prescription drugs listed in the formulary with no cost-sharing as long as they are ordered by a provider within the Fidelis Care network.
At what age does my child qualify?
Child Health Plus is a New York State-sponsored health insurance program for kids under the age of 19. 
How can Fidelis Care help?

Completing the Contact Me form above secures a consultation with a Fidelis Care agent who can assist you with enrollment.

You may also call our Member Services Department at 1-800-247-1447 (TTY: 711).  Hours are 8 AM to 8 PM. 

How do i renew coverage for my child?

If your child has been continuously enrolled with Fidelis prior to the NY State of Health Marketplace, Fidelis Care will mail you a recertification package with a renewal form 90 days before your child’s coverage is due to end. 

➣ Complete the renewal form. 

➣ Submit the required proofs. 

➣ Sign and date the form. 

➣ Mail the form as soon as possible in the envelope provided. 

➣ If the form is not received by the date due, your coverage will end. 

➣ Upon receipt of yourrenewal form, it will be reviewed to determine if your child's eligibility status haschanged.

What maternity care benefits does CHP provide?

Fidelis Care will pay for inpatient hospital care for at least 48 hours after childbirth for any delivery other than a Caesarean Section.  We also pay for inpatient hospital care for at least 96 hours after a Caesarean Section.

In addition, maternity care scope of coverage includes...

➣ Parent education, such as seminars and trainings

➣ Assistance and instruction in breast or bottle feeding 

➣ Performance of necessary maternal and newborn clinical assessments




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