Fidelis Care offers a special program called BabyCare to support the health of members during pregnancy. 

When members join BabyCare, a Fidelis Care Maternal Care Associate is assigned to help them every step of the way. The Associate has special training in prenatal care, and is the person they can reach out to when they have questions or concerns about their pregnancy. The Associate can help members find programs, services, or resources they may need. She may also follow up after the member’s doctor’s appointment, or call to see if there are any questions.

Who is eligible to join?

Any member who is pregnant can join BabyCare.

How do Maternal Associates help members?

When members join BabyCare, the Maternal Care Associate can:

  • Find a participating obstetrician, pediatrician, specialist, or hospital for the baby’s birth;
  • Put members in contact with a Registered Nurse for any special needs;
  • Explain the importance of going to all doctor appointments;
  • Help members learn about nutrition and what they should and should not eat;
  • Answer questions about gestational diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • Explain the signs and symptoms of early labor;
  • Help members enroll their babies in Fidelis Care;
  • Help members recognize the signs of postpartum depression and remind them to have their postpartum checkup;
  • Answer any other questions members may have about pregnancy; and
  • Provide support and encouragement for a healthy pregnancy.
Important Reminders for Fidelis Care Members
  • See your doctor as soon as you know you are pregnant, and follow his or her advice.
  • Join BabyCare as soon as you know you are pregnant.
  • Have your Maternal Care Associate help you notify either your local Department of Social Services or NY State of Health: The Official Health Plan Marketplace before and after your baby is born. 
  • Make and keep all doctor appointments, and notify your Maternal Care Associate of your appointments.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand your doctor's advice.
  • Have your Maternal Care Associate help you find a nearby participating pediatrician before your baby is born.
  • Talk to your Maternal Care Associate about the benefits of breastfeeding. 
  • Get a postpartum checkup 4-6 weeks after delivery.

Enroll in BabyCare

Contact us to electronically enroll in the Babycare program.