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1/5/2022 • Posted by Provider Relations
The No Surprises Act (part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021) goes into effect January 1, 2022, and includes new requirements regarding provider directory information. These requirements apply to commercial individual market issuers and group health plans.
12/30/2021 • Posted by Provider Relations
Fidelis Care is pleased to inform you that the most recent 2021 QARR Non-Compliance Report has been posted on Provider Access Online (provider portal).
12/29/2021 • Posted by Provider Relations
Fidelis Care relies upon the receipt of membership information from the New York State Department of Health (SDOH) prior to issuing capitation payments. The date for receiving this information from the SDOH varies from month to month. In certain months, the availability of data may be delayed as much as one week.
12/28/2021 • Posted by Provider Relations
Fidelis Care would like to let our providers know that the NYS Department of Health has recently published the rates to be used for the 2020 Annual Medicaid Quality Care Incentive (QCI).
12/22/2021 • Posted by Provider Relations
Effective December 13, 2021, Fidelis Care will cover COVID-19 “at home” tests with no member cost sharing.
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