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12/1/2020 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in Health and Wellness, Health Insurance Basics
Starting January 1, 2021, Walgreens and Duane Reade will no longer be in the pharmacy network for members of these products:
11/17/2020 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in Children's Health, Health and Wellness, In The Community
More than 14,000 vouchers, worth over $200,000, are being distributed to agencies, schools, and organizations that partner with Fidelis Care statewide...
10/27/2020 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in Broker, In The Community
A recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that approximately 44% of respondents reported delaying or not receiving care for various reasons, including concerns and challenges around COVID-19.
10/20/2020 • Posted by Fidelis Care • in Children's Health, Health and Wellness
There are many treatment options that can help reduce symptoms and improve functioning. Treatment options can include lifestyle modifications, medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of these.
10/20/2020 • Posted by Provider Relations • in Broker
You have the best interest of your patients at heart. More than that, you have their trust. Your recommendation is the most effective way to ensure they get their flu shot.
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